Chakra Mullein & White Sage Smudge Stick


Mullein is a sacred plant that supports the return of lost energy. As a flower essence, Mullein clears the mind of trivial pursuits, enhancing the ability for one to hear a distinct “inner voice.” 

The essence also strengthens an individual's moral conscience (or “inner light”), which can be empowering against social pressures that hinder one from reaching their potential.

This 7 Chakra Mullein & White Sage Smudge stick is perfect for cleansing your space and yourself as you align your Chakras



 Removal of Unwanted Spirits: Sage can be burned in your home to cleanse it of a haunting or unwanted spirit activity.

Physical and Emotional Advantages:  Burning sage is useful in cleansing oneself from psychic and emotional trauma. Much like clearing a space, the smoke from sage can be fanned around your body with the intent to remove emotional blocks in the energy field.

Healing and Chakra Balancing: People who do Reiki and other forms of energy healing can fan the sage smoke around their client's body to balance the energy centers, otherwise known as Chakras.

Relaxation:  The smell of burning sage can increase relaxation and aid in deeper meditation.



When we smudge, we first cleanse our hands with the smoke as if we were washing our hands. We then draw the smoke over our heads, eyes, ears, mouths and our bodies. These actions remind us to think good thoughts, see good actions, hear good sounds, speak good words, and show the good of who we are.



When done correctly and respectfully, burning sage is completely safe and the effects last after the smoke clears.

Be careful with sage when it’s lit. If you aren’t careful, burns and even fire is possible. Have water nearby.

Never leave burning sage unattended. Make sure to put your sage bundle out completely after every use.

Setting off smoke alarms is common. Consider this if burning sage in a public building.

People with asthma and other respiratory conditions may be more sensitive to the smoke and have adverse reactions.

Always leave a window open while burning sage. Inhaling smoke can be hazardous to your health.


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