Florida Water Room Spray


Florida Water Room Spray is a convenient aerosol version of the original Florida Water. Use it in your home to freshen the air, promote good energy and for cleansing, luck and protection.

Florida Water cools, cleanses, and calms. Use it on the body, in the bath, around the home, to promote overall well-being and good energy as well as in ceremonial rituals. It is known worldwide for its magical effect on the body, mind and soul.


  • Offer it to your ancestors or guides on your altar in a bowl.
  • Place a small bowl of Florida water on your altar as an offering of self-love.
  • Energetically cleanse yourself with Florida water by spraying it around you or putting a bit on your wrists.
  • Energetically cleanse ritual tools like crystals with a bit of diluted Florida water to give them a refresh.
  • Use it to cleanse your altar and anything on it by diluting some with water in a spray bottle and spraying on your altar, then wiping down.
  • Use it in your usual floor cleaner to cleanse your home and wash away negative energy.
  • Spray some diluted Florida water around you or your space before you begin a tarot reading.
  • Spray some diluted Florida water around you or your space before meditating.
  • Apply some Florida water if you want an energetic refresh or a boost of creativity and inspiration.
  • Wear a bit like perfume whenever you want protection.
  • Keep some in your workplace or on your desk to welcome positive energy and banish negativity.


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